Beautiful women

One of the many ways in which Pantelis Polychronidis is making music is by verbalizing female beauty. He and I sit in at a café, a beach, a concert hall, a park, and he notices a woman and starts telling me all the special things that attract him to her. The list is intoned by several exclamations. His face shines and his body unfolds as he contemplates beauty and waxes musical about it. He sings and makes the center of his admiration sing too. In his voice I hear Eastern and Western musical traditions mobilized to praise the presence of this person who is woman, girl, lady, nymph, siren, angel. He does not fantasize about her, he is not asking for anything. He is charmed by her feminine gifts. He is having a vision, and he is sharing it with me an absolute moment while wondering how such a moment is possible. I am his “other self,” so he knows I fully understand. Together we contemplate an apparition that is not personal or sensual but purely musical: the falling leaves, the passing carriage, the flying white dress all come out of the winter cold, dance, then disappear, and the vision is gone though the bliss lingers like an andante in the mists…

December 9, 2014

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