The Blue Eyes of the Beloved

One of the warmest experiences in a friendship is when your friend falls in love and celebrates it with you. I always find it exhilarating to hear my “other self,” Pantelis Polychronidis, talking to me about his love for a great girl. In these moments nothing else matters to him; everything is illuminated by her translucent presence, everything acquires meaning from her radiance. Because I’m an integral part of his atmosphere/Stimmung, he talks to be incessantly about her and the magic of her comportment. He waxes lyrical, sensual, oneiric, iconolatric. Who knows, she may be the girl we have been talking about when, attuned to the evening glow, we contemplate the star of Aphrodite. While the summer lasts, Pantelis belongs to the most beautiful girl in the world and makes music to her. Her eyes are blue. He describes them to me … and deep inside we both feel that she is not the one…

«Μάτια μπλε» (1986): Γιάννης Πάριος

Στίχοι: Λευτέρης Παπαδόπουλος, μουσική: Σταύρος Ξαρχάκος

Μάτια μπλε καλοκαιρινά

σαν δυο στάλες Αιγαίο

Μάτια μπλε που τα δειλινά

τα θυμάμαι και κλαίω.

Ποιός ταξιδεύει στα μάτια σου

και ποιός ξαγρυπνά στο κορμί σου;

Μάτια μπλε στα μεγάλα ταξίδια σου

θα ‘μαι εδώ θα ‘μαι πάντα μαζί σου.

Μάτια μπλε φθινοπωρινά

τυλιγμένα σε πάχνη

Μάτια μπλε που παντοτινά

η καρδιά θα σας ψάχνει.


Blue eyes of the summer

like two drops of the Aegean sea.

Blue eyes, at dusks

I remember them and cry.

Who is traveling in your eyes?

αnd who is awakening on your body?

Blue eyes, at your long journeys

I’ll be here, I’ll always be with you.

Blue eyes of the autumn
 wrapped in rime

blue eyes, for which the heart
 will always search.


February 16, 2015

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