Music sounds

Because I am constantly listening, I always hear music, all kinds of music – verbal, instrumental, erotic, urban, natural, domestic.  I don’t know why I hear music all the time, perhaps because I’m not listening to things but listening for something which I have no notion what it is until it materializes as music. I hear violins, voices, trees, trains sing and swirl. I am swimming in the music surging and ebbing around and all over me — music that resounds, reverberates, reiterates, reflects. If “language speaks” (Heidegger), music sounds; if language affirms, music arrives; language is transitive, music intransitive; language is worldly, music cosmic.

(At the Amsterdam airport I am pondering p. 155 of Andrés Neuman’s 2009 Traveller of the Century and I recall Pantelis Polychronidis analyzing at length for me the opening left-hand bars of Schubert’s song “Der Leiermann” since the hurdy-gurdy man is a protagonist in this novel.)

November 28, 2014

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