A transatlantic communication between Greek and American poets

My recent post, “Left Melancholy and its Poetry after the American Elections,” has been published under the title “Η Αριστερή Μελαγχολία και η ποίησή της μετά τις Αμερικάνικες εκλογές” in the excellent Greek literary magazine (as well as cutting-edge publishing house) Θράκα/Thraca (2013-), which appears in printed and electronic form. I am grateful to the editors and, especially to the translator, Thanos Gogos, for this publication.


My post concluded with a suggestion: “But why read poets who wrote for another time, place, and occasion (like Auden) and not living ones who have been writing under conditions of intense socio-political crisis about dignity after despair? This is a great moment to read the Greek poetry generation of the 2000s and explore its disillusioned, defiant Left Melancholy.”

In a highly creative response to my suggestion, the magazine Thraca has launched a series, “Γράμμα σε έναν Αμερικάνο φίλο,” where Greek poets who belong to the “Generation of the 2000s” put together a letter, as it were, to an imaginary American friend by making a small selection from their work to send to those who feel “melancholic” (in the sense of the critical term) over the recent American elections. So far contributing poets have included Nikos Erinakis and Yorgos Alisanoglou. The editors plan to incorporate English translations as well. A very promising collaborative initiative!

December 15, 2016

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