Friends making Music together (2)

Dr. Pantelis Polychronidis is a consummate collaborative pianist: He does not accompany fellow musicians but actively works with them to create new music, unique compositions that have not been heard before. This is especially evident in his meticulous work with singers, whom he coaxes into performances that they never anticipated. It has happened to me too.

One evening, in the early days of our friendship, while he was sitting at the piano at a party, I asked him for a favorite song. I had never thought much of my voice since people paid no attention, and sometimes even made fun of it, yet that evening, with the first piano bars, I started singing hesitantly. Waving away my nervousness, Pantelis immediately adjusted his playing to my voice, supporting and encouraging it to continue. Without a word, he worked with me to finish beautifully the song, and then said plainly: “You have a nice voice.”

At that very moment, that Platonic εξαίφνης/instant, “somebody called me Sebastian.”

Whether Pantelis and I make music together in public or private, it has been like this ever since. I feel it again today as I celebrate his name day, the pan and telos of my other self.

July 27, 2017

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