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Launching my research website “The Tragedy of Revolution”

This week I have published (that is, opened to general access) my research project, which runs parallel to this blog. It is a website/book-in-progress called The Tragedy of Revolution: Revolution as Hubris in Modern Tragedy. This scholarly project explores the … Continue reading

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Three years of blogging about listening to music and poetry

Trifonov walks swiftly on the stage, bows to us, his audience, sits down, touches the piano … and Pantelis starts to play: I can hear immediately his distinct touch on the keys. This is how our friendship works.  Today, 3 … Continue reading

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Friends promise each other to a shared future

Creative friends are both celebrating one another in everything they share and working toward the growth of their friendship. They work like two pianists devising contrapuntally variations on great themes of mutual interest. Friends join forces to maintain and strengthen … Continue reading

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Contemplating and plotting

My favorite painting of male friendship is the heavenly second version of Caspar David Friedrich’s Two Men Contemplating the Moon (1819 and ca. 1830) which illustrates both my blog and my Facebook page. The painting depicts two friends, seen from … Continue reading

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