Daniel Herwitz: “Avant-Garde Legacies: Identity Politics in a Consumerist World”

What is the legacy of the avant-garde today?  My dear friend and colleague at Michigan, Daniel Herwitz, and I spent one of our regular lunches together exploring this question.  As I was telling him that my ten-part travelogue across five centuries of Central European revolts would end at Cabaret Voltaire, we started wondering where subversive cultural activism might be agitating today and what its targets might be.  Daniel, who is an exceptional philosopher and cultural theorist, offered to write a piece for my blog addressing the question of the avant-garde, and I promised to host it right after my Cabaret Voltaire post.  I am very pleased and proud to host it here.

Clicking on this and on the next link takes you to the pdf:  Herwitz – Avant garde legacies

December 17, 2018

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