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“Παίζουμε ένα ποίημα;”/7: Παυλίνα Μάρβιν: «Πρόλαβες να διαβάσεις τον Ρίλκε;» (o νέος ποιητής)

Εδώ υποστηρίζω πως τα Γράμματα σ’ έναν νέο ποιητή του Ρίλκε “δεν είναι εγχειρίδιο ποιητικής αλλά αυτο-μυθοποίησης, όπως ξέρουμε και από περιπτώσεις Ελλήνων συγγραφέων από το Μεσοπόλεμο ώς σήμερα.  Δεν διδάσκουν πως να γράφει κανείς αλλά πώς να επινοήσει τον … Continue reading

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Brecht’s Tragic Measures (3)

Scene 6 of Brecht’s The Measures Taken was first called “Rebellion against the Teachings” and later “The Betrayal.”  In it, the Young Comrade rises against the rules of the revolution he has been serving.  Is this a “rebellion” or a “betrayal”?  … Continue reading

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Brecht’s Tragic Measures (2)

Bertolt Brecht’s The Measures Taken [Die Massnahme/The Measure] (written and published in 1930, premiere and 2nd edition in 1931) is a cantata in speaking parts, choral parts, recitatives, and songs for tenor, 3 actors, mixed choir, and small orchestra created with … Continue reading

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Brecht’s Tragic Measures (1)

Once Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) began in 1927 to develop a systematic interest in Marxist thought, he turned against what he considered the tragic legacy of Western theater as configured in Naturalist drama.  Humanity cannot change natural laws and is doomed … Continue reading

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