Friends making Music together (3)

There are moments when the thought of a friend makes us pause and ponder where they are and what they are doing right now.  It is not because we miss or need them.  We do not worry about their situation, we just know it, and we stop to reflect on it and share it with them.  We may not be physically close but we feel we are together in another dimension, the intensity of our friendship.

I often find myself transposed to the world of my other self, Dr. Pantelis Polychronidis, and I spend a few minutes with him in Vienna, not because I remember where he is but because I am at-tuned to his world.  I know so intimately how he plays the piano, he listens to songs, he recites poetry, he walks in the park, and he admires beautiful women that I can inhabit his cosmos as he does mine, I can suspend my reality for a short period to share his.  It works as if we are friends cosmically.

Great friendships are made powerful by the sense of shared presence permeating them.  For example, Pantelis and I make music together the way musicians in classical ensembles do not need to look at each other to play because they harken to each other.  Whether we are each other’s self, double, or reflection, we often seek to stand existentially next to each other and smile in mutual affective recognition.

25 May 2017

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