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Left Melancholy after the Crisis of Revolution and Representation

The Journal of Modern Greek Studies “Occasional Papers,” edited by Neni Panourgia, has published my commissioned paper “Left Melancholy in the Greek Poetry Generation of the 2000s after the Crisis of Revolution and Representation“ as JMGS “Occasional Paper” 10 (June … Continue reading

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“Η αριστερή μελαγχολία στην ελληνική ποιητική γενιά του 2000”

Below is the Greek translation of my paper “Left Melancholy in the Greek Poetry Generation of 2000s after the Crisis of Revolution and Representation” (2016), published in the literary magazine Thraka 8 (Summer 2017). Επισυνάπτω μετάφραση περσινής αγγλόγλωσσης μελέτης μου … Continue reading

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A dialectic of contraries, rather than opposites, in four 2017 Greek poetry cycles

Μια διαλεκτική των εναντίων, παρά των αντιθέσεων, στην ποίηση του 2000 Τέσσερα ελληνικά ποιητικά βιβλία που μόλις κυκλοφόρησαν δείχνουν με μεγάλη ενάργεια πως η βασική διαλεκτική λειτουργία της ποίησης του 2000 δεν είναι η αντίθεση δύο όρων (όπου ενυπάρχει η … Continue reading

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A transatlantic communication between Greek and American poets

My recent post, “Left Melancholy and its Poetry after the American Elections,” has been published under the title “Η Αριστερή Μελαγχολία και η ποίησή της μετά τις Αμερικάνικες εκλογές” in the excellent Greek literary magazine (as well as cutting-edge publishing house) … Continue reading

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Left Melancholy and its poetry after the American elections

The total defeat of all progressive forces in the American elections has turned Left Melancholy overnight into the overwhelming mood of those who saw their hopes shattered. The unthinkable has happened and no explanation is giving a satisfactory account. An … Continue reading

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The Melancholy of Resistance as Left Melancholy

The Greek translation of the novel The Melancholy of Resistance (1989) by the Hungarian author László Krasznahorkai (1954) appears at a most appropriate time, since the “Poetry of the Left Melancholy” of the Greek Generation of the 2000s, together with various … Continue reading

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New Greek poetry after its crisis

Below is my review of two anthologies of new Greek poetry which appears in the Journal of Modern Greek Studies 34:2 (October 2016). It places in α broad context of literary configurations Crisis: Greek Poets on the Crisis (2014), edited … Continue reading

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Why does Greek criticism have a problem with translations of new Greek poetry?

The arrival on my desk of yet another brand new anthology shows that international interest in Greek poetry continues to develop in several languages. Translations appear now regularly in magazines, books, festivals, performances, and other fora. They take the form … Continue reading

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Leaving Plato’s cave for his studio (2)

In 2007, Eleni Kalokyri, a wonderful Greek painter, turned her studio outside Athens into an installation that could be called “Plato’s Studio.” She populated it with representative examples from Όστρακα/Potsherds, a project that consisted of some 250 real untitled potsherds … Continue reading

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A Greek poetry of defiance at a time of Left intellectual refusal

Τhe melancholic turn of Greek poetry in the 2000s is a very interesting part of the global melancholic turn of Left thought and culture (though much less politics and media) in the 21st century, and should be discussed in this … Continue reading

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