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Brecht’s Tragic Measures (1)

Once Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) began in 1927 to develop a systematic interest in Marxist thought, he turned against what he considered the tragic legacy of Western theater as configured in Naturalist drama.  Humanity cannot change natural laws and is doomed … Continue reading

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H εικονομαχική χειραγώγηση της πεζογραφίας

Η κριτική μου για το μυθιστόρημα του Μισέλ Φάις Όπως ποτέ  (2019), “του οποίου ο εμμανής ομιλητής φιλοδοξεί να γίνει συγγραφέας αλλά δεν ξέρει αν μπορεί να το επιτύχει, αφού λειτουργεί υπό την επιτήρηση της 2ης βιβλικής εντολής. Πώς να γίνει … Continue reading

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Mahler’s melancholic marches

While attending recently a performance of Mahler’s 6th, and comparing the driving march that launches the opening Allegro energico to the heroic march launching the Finale (here 51:10), I started going through the composer’s symphonies until I suddenly realized that this genre appears … Continue reading

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“Παίζουμε ένα ποίημα;”/4: Μάριος Χατζηπροκοπίου: “Των γυναικών του Κωνσταντή” (πουστιά και ποίηση)

Εδώ συζητώ έναν “πούστικο θρήνο” που δείχνει ότι “η ταυτότητα φύλου είναι θέμα όχι σταθερής ουσίας  αλλά επιτελεστικής διαδικασίας.  Πουστιά, καθώς και ποίηση, είναι ζήτημα περφόρμανς.”   Below (first 32′) is an English-language lecture-performance at Brunel University in London by Dr. … Continue reading

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The decline of intellectual debates

Reading recently about the Löwith-Blumenberg debate made me think of the dramatic decline of the public intellectual debate as a cultural exercise and terrain. Since at least La querelle des Anciens et des Modernes and The Battle of the Books, debates over cultural issues had been … Continue reading

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Regimes of rule

Who is authorized to exert what authority and who has dominion over what domain? Since my current research project focuses on the tragedy of revolution in modern drama, I am especially interested in questions of rule, such as sovereignty, domination, … Continue reading

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Daniel Herwitz: “Avant-Garde Legacies: Identity Politics in a Consumerist World”

What is the legacy of the avant-garde today?  My dear friend and colleague at Michigan, Daniel Herwitz, and I spent one of our regular lunches together exploring this question.  As I was telling him that my ten-part travelogue across five … Continue reading

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