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“Παίζουμε ένα ποίημα;”/2: Κατερίνα Ζησάκη: “Αγώνας” (η αριστερή μελαγχολία)

Η μελαγχολία για τον αγώνα, η οποία διακατέχει τη νέα ελληνική πολιτική ποίηση, κυκλοφορεί επίσης παγκόσμια σε κοινωνικοπολιτικές συζητήσεις ως θεωρητική έννοια και επιστημολογική αρχή. “Επιστήμονες και στοχαστές διερευνούν μελαγχολίες της διάψευσης όπως η φυλετική (David L. Eng), η μεταναστευτική (Sara … Continue reading

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Regimes of rule

Who is authorized to exert what authority and who has dominion over what domain? Since my current research project focuses on the tragedy of revolution in modern drama, I am especially interested in questions of rule, such as sovereignty, domination, … Continue reading

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The 1849 Dresden Uprising (Travels in revolutionary Mitteleuropa, from the Rhine to the Danube/7)

Standing on the viewing platform of the exterior dome (the famous “stone bell”) of the restored Frauenkirche, I walked around, admiring the winding river Elbe and the Augustusbrücke, the oldest of its Dresden bridges. Yet I focused on the area … Continue reading

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The 1848 Prague Uprising (Travels in revolutionary Mitteleuropa, from the Rhine to the Danube/6)

Standing on the arch Čech Bridge on the Moldau in Prague, I can see Wenceslas Square, where one of the most important revolutions between March 1948-November 1849 against the Hapsburg Empire took place. Starting on June 2, 1848, the Czechs … Continue reading

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The 1848 “Hecker Uprising” in Konstanz (Travels in revolutionary Mitteleuropa, from the Rhine to the Danube/5)

In my visit to the Rosgarten Museum in Konstanz I was inspired to meet lawyer, politician, and agitator Friedrich Hecker (1811-81), one of the most passionate, adventurous, colorful, and paradigmatic revolutionary figures of his century. Hecker was a protagonist in … Continue reading

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The 1819 Dresden Conspiracy (Travels in revolutionary Mitteleuropa, from the Rhine to the Danube/2)

I went for the first time to Germany last month with a specific purpose: To walk in the footsteps of revolutionary friends in Dresden, such as the comrades in this painting. “Two Men Contemplating the Moon” by Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840), … Continue reading

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The tragedy of revolution is that liberation conspires with terror.

A link to my scholarly project The Tragedy of Revolution: “A tragic understanding admits that revolution is subject to counter-revolution, that liberation is risking oppression.”

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