“Hellas in the Postwar International Order:  French Selling Hellenism to the Greeks”

From Malraux to Macron and from Marathon to the Maghreb, French colonial uses of white Hellas bathed in pure sound and light (a six-page paper).

P.S. Update on the French uses of Hellas. In mid-November 2021, the French education ministry hosted a conference entitled “Europe and Ancient Languages: First European Conference on the Languages and Cultures of Antiquity” to oppose “the wokeism trend that comes from the United States.” The French minister argued that Latin and ancient Greek are a common bond for European nations, and that this common linguistic fund would help spread common European values. The education ministers of France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus agreed that Latin and Ancient Greek are the living heritage, the common cornerstone, of European and Mediterranean culture and the vital force underlying our contemporary languages.

video of the panel (4:00-24:00)

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