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On Jewish Modernity

In my book The Rise of Eurocentrism: Anatomy of Interpretation (1993), I highlighted the central role played by the Hebraism vs. Hellenism polarity in the self-definition of modernity, and especially in the evolution of Jewish modernity. This evolution is the … Continue reading


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German Nazi views of the Greeks

A newly translated study of classical reception by the Nazis emphasizes that what made their approach to antiquity unique was its concept of race. In his study Greeks, Romans, Germans: How the Nazis Usurped Europe’s Classical Past (2016, originally published … Continue reading

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Left Melancholy and its poetry after the American elections

The total defeat of all progressive forces in the American elections has turned Left Melancholy overnight into the overwhelming mood of those who saw their hopes shattered. The unthinkable has happened and no explanation is giving a satisfactory account. An … Continue reading

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Setting Cavafy to music

A new crossover disk of popular and art songs, So Many Things (2016), reminds us that Cavafy continues to be among the 20th-century poets in any language who have been most often set to music. I became fully aware of … Continue reading

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