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A Greek poetry of defiance at a time of Left intellectual refusal

Τhe melancholic turn of Greek poetry in the 2000s is a very interesting part of the global melancholic turn of Left thought and culture (though much less politics and media) in the 21st century, and should be discussed in this … Continue reading

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Is there a Greek “poetry of the crisis”?

There is no such poetry. It is both inaccurate and misleading to talk about the Greek “poetry of the crisis.” It makes it sound as if today verses are complementing the news, writers are speaking like pundits, the economy generates … Continue reading

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Collaborative teaching

A common exercise close friends enjoy is the making of lists of favorite things. Quantifying shared taste is a marked way to establish and celebrate an exclusive domain of mutual recognition and respect. For example, with some friends I make … Continue reading

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Listening to music as an ascesis of the self

There is no friendship, there are only unique and regular exercises through which particular individuals become and remain friends. Having a conversation by a piano with Pantelis Polychonidis is one of our favorite exercises as friends. A characteristic topic to … Continue reading

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